How To Install Kaspersky Internet Security On Your Device?

Kaspersky Internet Security software is a multi-platform software which is designed with advanced and one-license security suite. This will work best in protecting your Windows, Mac, and Android devices from malware, webcam spies, financial scammers, and much more.
For getting the ultimate protection of Kaspersky Internet Security software, you first have to download the setup. You can easily download Kaspersky Internet Security from the official website of Kaspersky. After completion of the download process, you have to move ahead with the installation of the software. For installation, you can follow the below-given measures.


  1. Firstly, open the Downloads folder on your device.
  2. Now, double-click the downloaded setup file in order to run the application.
  3. Then, wait until the application search for a newer version of the Kaspersky application.
After the completion of the desired search, tap the “Continue” button.
  1. Next, you Kaspersky wants you to read the license agreement document, along with the privacy policy.
Reading these documents and accepting them is a must for moving further with the process.
  1. Then, tick mark the provided checkboxes and click the “Accept” tab.
  2. From the next window, read “Kaspersky Security Network Statement” and “Marketing Statement” one by one.
Every time, click “Accept” button followed by clicking “Confirm” in the next dialogue box that appears.
  1. After that, tap the “Install” option to start the process.
  2. Now, wait for the Kaspersky Internet Security to get installed.
  3. In the next window, make sure that you have enabled all the recommended settings.
  4. Next, you have to click “Apply”.
  5. Finally, in the completion window, click “Done”.
This will successfully install the application on your system.


  1. First of all, run the Kaspersky Internet Security installer by double-clicking the downloaded setup file.
  2. Then, read the Kaspersky End User License Agreement.
If you agree with its terms and conditions, then, tick mark the checkbox and click the “Download and Install” tab.
  1. Afterwards, enter the administrative user id and password in the required fields and click “Ok”.
  2. If prompted, then, grant the permission for installing the Kaspersky drivers on your Mac device.
  3. Since the installation process takes a few minutes. Hence, wait for the completion of the process.
  4. Once the process gets completed, select “Done” tab.
  5. Now, your Kaspersky Internet Security software got installed on your device.


  1. Start the process by opening the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Then, search for “Kaspersky Internet Security” application.
  3. From the search results, select “Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus”.
  4. After that, click the green-colored “Install” button to start the process.
  5. If asked then, grant the permissions by clicking “Accept”.
  6. Now, wait for the successful completion of the installation process.
  7. Thereafter, open the downloaded Kaspersky application.
  8. In the next window, tap the “Next” button.
  9. Afterwards, Kaspersky wants you to read the terms and conditions of various documents respectively.
  10. Then, agree to all the terms and conditions by clicking the checkboxes of various documents and click “Confirm” tab.
  11. Consequently, you will be asked to buy the 1-year or 1-month subscription.
You can also move forward, leaving this step by clicking the “Skip” option.
  1. Finally, click the “Scan” button.
  2. After the successful completion of the first scan, your application gets ready to use.


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